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PRODUCTO / Partes de Repuesto para Aspiradoras Centralizadas / ZAS098-BT


Replacement Drive Belt for ZAS098 Electrolux Aero III Powerhead


How to Replace Belt or Light Bulb Electrolux Aero III Power Nozzle | ZAS098 Powerhead


NOTE: Turn off the switch and unplug the electrical cord before replacing belt or bulb. Pulleys can become hot during normal use. To prevent injury, avoid touching the pulley when servicing the drive belt. Refer to diagrams on the following pages.

1.   Remove six screws from bottom side. Turn unit over; pull up on hood to remove.

      Replace light bulb if necessary.

      Continue to step 2 to change belt. Skip to step to place hood.

2.   Lift out brush roll and discard used belt.

3.   Put new belt around brush roll pulley first; then the pulley.

4.   Place left end cap into base.

5.   Pull right end of brush roll to stretch belt. Secure right end cap into base.

6.   Rotate brush roll to seat belt.

7.   Position hood; secure with screws.

6.99 USD
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