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Central Vacuum Drawer Vac Installation Instructions

Alli Green Allegro Central Vacuum Drawer Vac
Typical types of cabinet installations for Allegro DrawerVac
 Alli Green Allegro Drawer Vac

DrawerVac can be installed in any cabinet configuration with minimum inside dimensions of 12" wide and 22 5/8" deep.

 Allegro Central Vacuum Drawer Vac Installation

1. Confirm that the cabinet has the following minimum inside dimensions:
Width of 12". 2. Depth of 22 5/8".

2. DrawerVac requires a level mounting surface for
installation. It may be necessary to level the under counter surface using plywood or other sheeting
material. If you are installing DrawerVac in a
drawer application, trimming the
back of the drawer may be
necessary to create the required
clearance for DrawerVac to fit.

3. Begin by mounting the cover to the under-counter surface using the 2 interior screw holes as shown
above. Be sure the front edge of the cover is flush with the cabinet face. WARNING! Be sure not to
drill or screw through top of the counter

4. Install the DrawerVac assembly using the remaining 8 screws, with the tray inserted in the shell.
WARNING! Be sure not to drill or screw through top of the counter!

5. Connect the central vacuum piping to DrawerVac using either solid or flexible central vacuum piping.

 Allegro Central Vacuum Drawer Vac Wiring

6. Connect the central vacuum low voltage wire with the 2 screws shown above.

7. Congratulations, DrawerVac's installation is now complete.
The drawer removal screw can be removed if the tray requires cleaning or the unit is clogged.

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