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07/15/2022 - Ruth Deponzi (United States) You have been awesome and if all companies had your customer service and helpfulness it would be marvelous! Thank you for all your help?
03/18/2022 - Robert Apsler (Lincoln, MA, USA) I recently purchased two central vacuum systems from Allegro and am writing about the process of purchasing the units and installing them. Both units work perfectly and easily meet my expectations, but it is too early for me to comment on durability. Nora and her colleagues could not have been more helpful in assisting me with selecting the most appropriate units and accessories for my needs. They patiently answered my many questions, offered advice, and never appeared to be up-selling. Instead, they made clear when they thought I was buying a more powerful and more expensive unit than necessary. They were equally helpful in selecting accessories. I was skeptical of a small, hand-held carpet brush that they strongly recommended. And it turned out to be as useful as they predicted. Fortunately, the inlets and outlets of the Allegro units were in the same locations as those on my ancient units. Thus, installation was a breeze and required no new plumbing or wiring. At this point, I could not be more satisfied with my experience dealing with Allegro.
11/20/2020 - Richard H. (Oakville, ON Canada) Nora, thank you for the installation. The vacuum seems to work very nicely. Your technician did a good, clean job. Richard H.
06/21/2018 - Henry J. Pagliarulo (Middleton, Ma. 01949) Shirley: we spoke before I purchased your product. Yes, I am very pleased with the vacuum’s performance, power and noise levels. I do believe it is superior product than most of your competitor’s lines in today’s market. The suction is very good. Thank you for your recommendations and influencing me to buy the Allegra Vacuum products. I also like the quality of a Canadian products. Unfortunately I do not have an account w Google and cannot write the review online.
10/04/2017 - Enrique Armenta (Canada) For my previous house and for my new house, I bought an Allegro Vacuum system. I will repeat it several and several times. The units are very powerful absorbing all dust on the floor. We vacuum the hard wood flooring instead of swep it. Allegro Vacuums are the most reliable brand of the market. Their price are better than competitors too. I highly recommend everybody to buy without hesitation. Thanks Allegro Vacuum for your excellent products. Enrique Armenta
06/14/2017 - Joseph Tatz (NJ, USA) The second system I purchased from Allegro, and both I installed myself. So easy to deal with, and I have been positively surprised at their level of service, understanding of my lack of foreknowledge, and quality product. They could have easily oversold me on parts and have only left me grateful for their help. Fast service, also. They seem more like a friend than a business. I found them on the internet, but so glad I did. Cannot recommend more. Shipping form Canada to NJ was no problem, either. Note, I bought the one in my home 10 years ago and have had not a single problem. Recent purchase was for my commercial manufacturing plant.
05/30/2017 - Michael Brown (WA, USA) Under the heading of prompt and courteous service; I have never seen or even heard of this leave of care and attention. They answered questions asked on a Sunday morning within a few minutes but also figuring out answers to problems before I even knew about them. This is my first central vacuum and these are the right people to help with the best equipment and price. Excellent work, thank you.
05/08/2017 - Manzar Iqbal (United States) We had a Dyson animal. This thing picks up all that Dyson left behind!
03/30/2016 - William Tymec (Canada) good advice, good service, clean house. thanks
09/11/2015 - Plourde Éric (Canada) Wow service rapide je suis très content de ma nouvelle achat merci :):)
07/08/2015 - Eric Maly (Canada) I used to always buy vacuum and carpet extractor motors from USA, they are usually 40-60% cheaper. Until I found Allegro, price is same in Canadian dollars as in the USA, fast 2 day shipping. Comparable motor was priced at local distributor Dell's Electric at $370 plus taxes. I got it shipped and taxes included for $225. Couldn't be happier, great communication fast shipping GST only. Thanks Eric M.
05/01/2015 - Adrienne Wilson (United States) Great people great prices! Baltimore, Md. Waiting for parts to arrive., cain't wait. Thanks, Wishing you much business success. joe
02/14/2015 - Deborah Bolton (Canada) Thanks Nora, You were very helpfull and the part arrived promptly. This is the second time that we purchased from your company. Deb
01/24/2015 - David Brinks (United States) The order/exchange process was handled quite well...a little confusing, but well done. Following the original order, I needed to return part of the order and reorder a different component. While I accepted the $20 return shipping fee, I was surprized by the additional $20 fee to ship the new component to me. The whole process was handled in relatively good fashion, with the only exception being the extra $20 shipping fee. That said, I will do business with Allegro again, if the need arises.
12/08/2014 - Adrian Kirby () Byron, Nora and their team consistently deliver excellent customer service. They are a pleasure to deal with.
08/29/2014 - Nicholas Guanti (ON, Canada) Just wanted to thank you on such a great product. Everyone who sees the power is impressed. It's so strong the tin on the bottom of the cannister lifts up...WOW !!!
05/30/2014 - Eunice Muzsik (Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada) I would like to say that I am very happy with the Allegro Central Vac. It has the most suction power out of any vacuum system I've ever owned over 30 years. The canister is easy to maintain, and the powerhead swivels which is very handy. The customer service and technical support information I received when considering the purchase was very excellent. I would recommend this company to anyone. Sincerely, Eunice Muzsik
04/22/2014 - Maria Wright (Canada) Thank you Catalina for your support and kindness in my first online purchase endeavor. I will surely be returning for more products from Allegro. Sincerely, Mrs.Maria Wright
12/05/2013 - Vadim Chernyshev (Russian Federation) Вчера получил и установил силовой агрегат, сама система была смонтирована ранее при строительстве дома: трубы купил в Москве, установили рабочие, которые делали отделку, сам агрегат и аксессуары сразу не купил, а потом решил заказать все это в Канаде. Эта покупка для меня была первой за границей, в целом доволен и пылесосом и стоимостью на выходе. Прочитал про центральный пылесос на строительном форуме, там же узнал про компанию Аллегро, заинтересовался и теперь я счастливый обладатель очень полезного устройства. Чернышев Вадим. Московская область. Россия.
11/22/2013 - Linda Zemmel (CT, USA) I ordered a central vac attachment kit, which arrived the other day. I had trouble using it and called in to find out if, perhaps, I had ordered the wrong kit. It turned out that the hose worked perfectly once I had cleaned out the wall unit, which leads me to say... It has been a pleasure doing business with you. The quality of the attachment kit is top-notch and, even more importantly, your reps understand customer service. The woman who took my order couldn't have been nicer or more helpful and patiently answered my many questions. Thanks to her questions to me, she figured out that the kit I was trying to order was not the proper one for my system. I would wholeheartedly recommend your business and want to thank you again for the wonderful service.
10/22/2013 - Carmen Portelli (Williston, VT US) I can tell you that your team did an outstanding job. Excellent product, Excellent price, Excellent Service, Excellent Company. Best wishes, Another happy customer... Carmen Portelli, Williston, VT, US
08/28/2013 - Jeffrey Mcdougall (Canada) We're very pleased with the Allegro Vacuum system. It has a lot of suction, the accessory package was awesome - it's extremely good value and great quality! Sincerely, Geoff & Shima
06/22/2013 - Serge Vachon (Quebec, Canada) Score: 5 Star. Received my order in 2 days. Perfect transaction. Thanks for your replies and interest about my inquiry. You have a fabulous team behind your website.
06/10/2013 - Dr. Richard Koenig (Florida, United States) It is a pleasure doing business with you. Delivery was prompt, service after the sale, great. Thanks Allegro Team! So far I am very pleased with the performance of my new central vac.
05/30/2013 - David Carter (Canada) It was really pleasant to deal with Allegro by phone. Super speedy delivery.
04/15/2013 - MICHAEL FREEDMAN (Canada) Thank you so much for the great service. Fast shipping and great prices!
03/13/2013 - Steve Kuzov (Bulgaria) Sled dulgi prouchvania na pazara razgledahme produktite na Allegro - ne ostanaha nikakvi samnenia za klasata na Allegro prahosmukachkite pri srehtata ni na jivo s realnia produkt. Nikakvi plastmasi nikakvi kompromisi i napravihme pokupkata sled 10 minuti razgovor s Bayron, v koito toi ni dade nai-cennite detaili za Allegro. ------------------------------------------------------------- After a very detailed research of the market we have purchased the Allegro Aspirateur Central Vacuum Acoustic Zenith Power Unit Model MUA75. We are more than satisfied with the product we ordered as well as the great customer service. Thank you so much for your help and your professionalism, Nora and Bayron! You really have one Great product at very reasonable price. It was a pleasure to do business with you. Will be recommending the Allegro Central Vacuum to anyone that is looking for such product. Thank you once again.
02/14/2013 - Noel Uniacke (Ireland) Hi, allegro vacuum is a god send to me. My family all participate on the vacuum cleaning since we installed the system. Previously vacuuming was a chore only my wife done reluctantly. But your system has such power that now it's a pleasure to use. Thank you so much for the fantastic service and hassle free delivery to Ireland. Noel Uniacke
12/19/2012 - Wendy Abra (Canada) We have purchased a power head and a central vac hose. Both items arrived at our door 3 days after we placed the order. We are very satisfied with the merchandise we ordered as well as the great customer service. Highly recommend this Allegro Central Vacuum System Service to anyone that needs it!!! Thank-you so much for the great professionalism !
10/01/2012 - Konstantin Feklistov - Elena Naumova (Russian Federation) Центральный пылесос искали тщательно, пересмотрели, наверное, всех основных производителей, перечитали кучу форумов и сайтов с отзывами. По техническим параметрам, отзывам, цене и гарантийному сроку выбрали пылесос фирмы Аллегро. Купили полгода назад полный комплект: агрегат MU4500E, шланг с насадками и все для монтажа, включая трубы, и розетки, .По цене комплект обошелся около 25 тыс руб вместе с авиадоставкой из Канады в Сибирь – это очень дешево для такого устройства. Электролюкс с аналогичными параметрами нам предлагали в коммерческих фирмах Новосибирска 60 тыс комплект оборудования и 20 тыс монтаж (без штробления стен), Пылесос купили сами на сайте Аллегро, без посредников, смонтировали тоже сами - за 1.5 дня вдвоем (стены не штробили, агрегат поставили в подвале коттеджа, сделали отверстия в деревянной лестнице, пропустили сквозь них трубы, поставили по одной розетке на каждом из трех этажей). Пылесосом очень довольны: пыль засасывает очень мощно – не сравнить с переносным домашним пылесосом, лишних хлопот нет–после уборки не надо возиться каждый раз с очисткой самого пылесоса- взял шланг – повесил шланг. Агрегат сделан добротно, я не разбираюсь в технике, но смотрится красиво, муж очень хвалил еще качество и обработку пластика - без запаха, очень гладкий, и никаких мелких заусенцев. Центральный пылесос мы искали из-за того, что в дом попала минераловата при ремонте. Пыль минераловаты - это один из наиболее сильных механических канцерогенов после асбеста. Традиционный домашний пылесос даже с максимальной степенью очистки типа Рейнбоу выплевывает часть микронных-субмикронных, самых опасных, частиц в воздух. Есть специальные переносные пылесосы для работы с асбестовой и другой канцерогенной пылью (Нилфиск, Керхер и др), но стоят они порядка 70-80 тыс и к ним нужно часто менять дорогие HEPA фильтры. Вывели выхлопную трубу на участок подальше от дома, поставили еще дополнительный короб, чтобы не из трубы не дуло и (неизбежная даже для очень хорошей фильтрации) пыль лучше оседала на землю, микропыль хорошо связывается с землей что прибьет к земле уже не улетит. Считаем, что покупкой этого пылесоса мы удачно и заметно дешевле других возможных вариантов решили свою проблему с канцерогенной пылью. Алена Наумова
06/05/2012 - Alexey Pelevin (Russian Federation) В мае 2012г заказал центральный пылесос в комплекте с трубами, фитингами и пр. С момента оплаты прошло не более 10 дней, как получил все в аэропорте. Скорость доставки - быстрее чем у местных продавцов аналогичного оборудования. Стоимость, даже с учетом доставки и всех накладных расходов - дешевле. Сервис - на высоте. Был даже удивлен, у нас так к сожалению не работают. Если нужен недорогой комплект ЦП - можете смело сюда обращаться. Алексей Пелевин Иваново. РФ.
03/28/2012 - Yvonne Westlin (Canada) I love my Allegro Central Vacuum system! I previously had a built in vacuum that was 16 years old and the suction was terrible. Allegro has far surpassed by expectations! A very reasonable price for a superb vacuum!
12/01/2011 - Joe Tatz (Cedar Grove, NJ, USA) I installed (myself-no problem thanks to their helpful staff!) an Allegro system when remodeling in our home. After several years, I think of how glad I am I found them every time I vacuum! Awesome service (super nice and helpful!) unbeatable prices (over the prior years, I wasted thousand of $$$ on vacuums that couldnt compare in the least), and GREAT product all the way around. I had a relatively simple question that caused me to call on them again, and was so pleased with their service, I ordered the ash attachment for my fireplace! I can't wait to use it as I'm sure it is the same excellent quality. I wish some other companies would be so easy to work with, and also nice to have my wife think I'm brilliant for having gotten this system (every time she vacuums) instead of being angry because of the headaches of traditional clunky vacs (even the expensive ones!) We will never live without a central vac again and it will be an Allegro if I can help it. Joe Tatz
11/07/2011 - Balfour Batchelor (Mississauga, ON) Hi Nora, I had the opportunity to visit the house yesterday afternoon and inspect the work that your installers did. I just wanted to express our appreciation and thanks for the outstanding and professional job they did. They were extremely neat and precise in the way they ran the piping throughout the basement and made a difficult job seem easy. Please extend our thanks and appreciation to Allegro crew that worked on our house. Thanks also to you for all your hard work and efforts in managing the communications and customer expectations between us that resulted in very satisfied customer. Regards, Balfour Batchelor
08/25/2011 - Paula Gravelle (Gatineau, Quebec, Canada ) It took us a while to get to installing our MUA50 vac due to renos, but it is up and running now and we love it! Your customer service has been great and delivery was very prompt. We will be back for any accessories needed in the future and highly recommend you to all. Many thanks.
06/14/2011 - Kevin Julien (Deux-Montagne, QC, Canada) Bonjour, Je réside au Québec et suite à ma commande j'ai reçu ma commande en deux jours, ce qui est très rapide. J'ai commandé le modèle de la série 4000 et il semble bien fonctionné. J'ai commandé un kit d'installation et tout à été très simple. C'est un bon achat. Pour la fiabilité seul le temps me le dira. Merci
04/22/2011 - Vencil Wells (United States) I needed technical answers to convert my older central vacuum system to the way I wanted with modern accessories and Allegro understood my questions and provided exactly what I needed very quickly!! Very happy customer here!
03/31/2011 - Baha Qarashi (Canada) Great product and very reasonable price, excellent customer service, extremely quick shipping (got my order in less than 24 hrs), "very impressive". It was a pleasure dealing with you. Baha Qarashi. Ottawa, ON, Canada
02/11/2011 - Malcolm and Brenda Dean (Peterborough, ON, Canada) Just want to let you know we really like the central vac we purchased from Allegro. Next day shipping, super-easy install, tons of suction, great features and fantastic price. Best of all, customer service was second to none for helping us make the right choice. Will reccomend to others.
01/24/2011 - Mike Hubick (Alberta, Canada ) Hi, we have received our purchase and are very happy with it. Thank you from Spruce Grove, AB.
11/04/2010 - Jim Berg (Canada) The Vacuum System is working very well. The installation, which was a replacement for an older system, went very well. Your instructions were easy to follow. The purchase also went well, even with my concerns over my first large purchase on the internet. Your employees on the phone were knowledgeable and polite. The shipping that you arranged was both prompt and reasonable in cost. The unit was packaged in an excellent fashion. Thank you for the fine service, you have very good, Canadian made product. Regards, Jim BERG ' Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
09/11/2010 - Ken MacMillan (Summerside, PE, Canada ) Dear Allegro Central Vacuum Systems I am very pleased with the courteous, extremely knowledgeable assistance that I received from your representative. He was patient, courteous and non pushy. A perfect salesman and gentleman. You are lucky to have such a fine employee. It was his helpfulness, honesty and kindness that helped me decide to purchase an Allegro product. I am also very happy to be purchasing a Canadian made product from a Canadian company. This is rare these days and was also a deciding factor regarding my purchase. We LOVE the new Allegro MUA49 vacuum. It is excellent! Thanks for all you did for us!
03/05/2010 - William Fels (United States) Nice folks - kwik ship - odd ordering system A+ seller
02/23/2010 - Absalom LO (Canada) Great product, easy installation and good price. But delivery service from UPS is poor, they just left the parcel outside my front door without ringing the doorbell or notification.
02/10/2010 - Janet L. Kapetaneas (United States) what a great company, ordering was super easy with one phone call, and the value for the price can't be beat. Had ordered a hoover central vac years ago, but got a much better deal for my money going with Allegro and got a much better system... and what nice people---thanks from michigan
01/14/2010 - Lawrence Lavkulik (Canada) Thanks to all! We ordered Model 4400 on Jan 08/10, It arrived by UPS Jan 13/10 at 3:30 pm, 6 days later,(2000 MILES) excellent service. The best part is that it took ONLY 15 minutes to install. Two screws (mounting bracket) connect two hoses, two wires, a little black tape, that\'s it up an running in less then 15 minutes. Thanks Allegro, Thanks Byron. I would do business with you and your company in a heart beat. For the records, I taught Total Quality for a number of years with a very large firm (13000 people) I would rate this transaction VERY HIGH, good for you. PS - My wife loves the suction compared to our older unit. The 575 Airflow plus 140 water lift makes a big difference. Thanks again. Lawrence Lavkulik from Lethbridge, Alberta
11/10/2009 - Rina Remmers (United States) Great product, fast shipping, great service! Thanks so much!
10/08/2009 - Jean-pierre Quintin (France) Cela fait une semaine que nous avons recu la centrale d'aspiration MUA65E qui nous donne entiere satisfaction. Nous avons en premier ete decu par sa couleur que nous attendions BLANCHE et non pas bleu. La difference de prix de $ 46USD provient peut etre du fait que ce soit en 220V. Enfin nous tenons a remercier toutes l'equippe pour leur traduction en francais qui nous ont ete de grandes utilite nous avons apprecie leur serieux et leurs grandes competences technique et linguistiques. Vous avez avec de telles personnes une entreprise qualifiee en qualite et en respect de la clientele Bravo a vous tous et encore merci. Jean-pierre Quintin
09/08/2009 - MICHEL CHEVALIER-VICHARD (FRANCE) Madame, Bonjour Nous avons bien reu notre aspirateur et il fonctionne dj. C'est magnifique !!!! Nous sommes entirement satisfaits de vos services et d'avoir une correspondante parlant parfaitement notre langue nous a facilit normment la tche. Nous vous remerciant infiniment de votre gentillesse. Cordialement. M. CHEVALIER-VICHARD Michel
08/30/2009 - Dorothy Wilson(Mrs) (IRELAND) Dear Si/Madam, Thankyou for your email, and i am sorry that i havent been able to pass comment on your product a little sooner. I admit that when my husband told me about buying your product from Canada, i was a little scared. However all the phonecalls and relevant emails took place and before i knew it the system had arrived in Dublin awaiting collection. I had heard of the vacuum system before, and couldnt wait to have this one fitted. I am absolutely delighted with your product, which has made life a lot easier in our home. The attachments included are fantastic and this system has definately been a very good purchase for us. Hoping your company continues to flourish. Regards Dorothy Wilson(Mrs)
07/28/2009 - janice m mitchell (Canada) Just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my Vac now that I've tried it. The suction is great and the cord is so light.What more could I want.I wish I could leave another feedback!Thanks again. Jan from Woodstock
07/09/2009 - Mike Smith (United States) Part were timely received, packaged well, and were exactly as described.
04/21/2009 - Dave Johansson (Vermont, USA) I was please at how fast this unit arrived. Well packaged and would be very difficult to damage. (Mind you, I have been shipping and receiving for years and have seen some of the worse condition delivered packages. Some even without contents). The installation was dead simple and the performance, well, let's just say I have never seen my wife smile while she vacuums. I am very please with everything, start to finish. Thank-you very much! - Dave Johansson
03/24/2009 - Larry Thacker (Canada) wow fast service Please let us know when we can order a replacement belt for our power head Thanks Larry Thacker
07/22/2008 - George Michaty (Canada) Great Service and quick shipping, also I like the fact that they include a CD for the installation and the maintenance. Thank you again for the fast response to my emails.
04/28/2008 - Ardases Deravedisian (Athens Greece) The lower price was the initial motivation to dare and buy a cvs from Allegro across the Atlantic, but it was a lot easier than I thought, and the quality of the vacuum system made it all worth while. Thank you Al...Athens Greece
01/16/2008 - Larry & Alice King (USA) Hi, I received the below order yesterday (15 Jan) and finished installation today. WOW, I couldn't be happier! Everything about all the items is superb. I was able to vacuum the whole house in much less time and effort than before. The power head is the perfect size and weight, plus very maneuverable. The dust mop attachment is a real time saver too because I now only need to vacuum the hardwood floors with it rather than first run the vacuum and then use a dust mop. Larry
12/13/2007 - Lawrence Bruni (United States) Dear Allegro, I am very pleased to say that the purchase experience with Allegro was not only comfortable , it was fun. I was a bit confused by the order placement and then payment process but your delightful and friendly staff took care of my concerns and handled the entire process with charm and sophistication (even at 1 degree celsius, remarkable!) If the vacuum proves to be the equal of your customer service center I am sure to be more than satisfied. Thank you, Lawrence F. Bruni
11/02/2007 - Tim Cooper (Canada) Allegro Central Vacuum system MUA46was competitively priced, service was SECOND TO NONE! Shipped immediately, installed in a short time and it is performing wonderfully. Quiet and Powerful! Now I just need to talk my wife into the TASK. Thank you Tim Cooper
08/05/2007 - Lockhart Vidler (United Kingdom) Hello Byron Just to let you know that everything with the central vacuum is working perfect. We can not fault both the product and the service from you and also the fantastic PRICE. Many thanks for your help and service MARGARET AND LOCKHART VIDLER SCOTLAND
06/22/2007 - SSG David Auger (APO/FPO) The Team at Allegro are very knowledgeable. The service is excellent, as well as prompt Shipping. My Shipment arrived in Germany on time and Communication was absolutely superior. Allegro has the best Customer Service I've seen in a long time. The Company will be talked about in Europe for a long time to come. Sincerely D. Auger
01/20/2007 - Patricia Newlin (United States) BOth our orders arrived complete. We thank you very much and we will recomend you to our friends. Cordially Patricia
11/28/2006 - Harry Aderhold (United States) Items purchased as a package. Excellent price over compeditors, fast shipping, will buy from this company again. Harry J. Aderhold Pueblo West, Co.
09/10/2006 - Rick Darvill (Canada) Thanks, I saved money, shipped very quickly, and your product is just fabulous and very powerful. I am impressed with the way you do business. Well done and thanks again.
07/04/2006 - John MacPherson (Canada) Highly recomended!!! I looked around at several central vacs and found this to be be the best "Bang for my Buck", even with shipping... The operation is awsome, very powerful... Service was quick and pleasant... JM of Robson BC
03/14/2006 - ERIC EDGAR (Canada) So far so good, delivery was prompt, all items received in good condition and the web site is very usefull. One small discrepancy in the Operating Manual, on page one it states that the power cord is six (6) feet long, on page 5 under Installation Instructions it states that the power cord is 5 ft. (1.5m) long. The latter is true and it would be better if the former were true.
12/12/2005 - Thomas Olszewski (United States) From all the internet companies I have dealt with in the past, your company has to be one of the top ten best. Your prices are very competative. Keep up the good work, your GREAT.Yours truly,Thomas F. Olszewski Chesterfield Virginia
09/01/2005 - Philip Richard (United States) I am very satisfied with the service I recieved from your company. You followed up on the order as you said you would, and you shipped the following day. Good Job!!!!Phil Richard
07/29/2005 - Patrick Carraway (United States) Received second piece sent on 7/28 and I have installed and it is working fine. Thank you Patrick
04/07/2005 - Ron Bennett (USA) Good prices, Very good service , Shiping and delivery as promised .Yes, I would buy from this business again. The system works just the way it should. Ease of instulation in an existing structure was a breeze
02/17/2005 - John Young (United States) Bought this Vacuum to replace a Beam unit I have had for twenty years. Quality and performance of the Allegro is every bit as good at a much lower price.Customer service and delivery was fast and efficient.I would not hesitate to recommend this company to anyone
11/15/2004 - Lincoln Proctor (United States) I am just getting to installing mr Allegro central vac, I have been happy with with the service. If vac is a as good as the service I will be pleased. capelink@hotmail.com
10/15/2004 - Linda Warriner (USA) Thank you for the micro tool set. It is not only practical, but fun! Now I don't have to wait for Santa Claus to bring me one. He's not very reliable, anyway! Allegro Vacuums are!!! Linda Warriner
06/16/2004 - Stephen Freeman (USA) Product as described and sent in timely manner -- very impressed!!
02/18/2004 - Paul Keyser (United States) I want to thank all the personel at Allegro for their speed and cooperation with my purchase.Thank You Again.
02/23/2023 - Bryan Doyle (Canada) Found our about Allegro Vacuums on internet search. They got good reviews and were Canadian made. I had some questions about the Vacuum and installation before making the purchase. When I called there was always someone to answer the phone. My emails were responded to promptly. Nora was really helpful. Gave me a good feeling I was dealing with a great company. I ordered directly from them and I think my vacuum was at my door in 24 hours. The MAU50 vacuum is now installed and I am very happy with it. It is pretty quiet and powerful enough. Seems very well made. My only disappointment was the wall mount. It is very sturdy but it does not lock onto vacuum in 2 spots. As a result the vacuum can be push out of level. The fact that it was not locked in place made the installation a little tricky for me.
05/14/2022 - Grzegorz Judycki (Poland) Hello, the motor in my power unit is broken and they can't fix it in Poland. Is it possible to get the new motor from you? Do you still have the information what model I bougth from you it has been quite a few years now.
02/22/2022 - Steve and Nancy Cook (Parker, Colorado 80138) Hello Allegro!! Recently my wife and I purchased a power unit and attachment set from your company. We wanted to let you know we are thrilled!! We replaced our 30 year old system with yours. Wow!! We are so pleased!! Installation was easy and the system is awesome. We are impressed with the quality and workmanship of your product. Thank you so much for living up to and beyond our expectations. We shall tell everyone about Allegro!! Regards, Steve and Nancy Cook
07/09/2020 - Robert Faster (United States) OK, I have to tell you. this Vacuum is awesome! (The MU3100) there is no comparison to the hoover garage vac. this has twice the power, a much better filter and just better designed. you were right. the best is affordable. Thanks again for the replies and the advice Bob
04/06/2018 - Mary McLachlan (Canada) Thank you very much for the prompt delivery of the vacuum hose I ordered. I found it very easy and fast. Also your costumer service is excellent. Thank you again!
09/20/2017 - Les Marston (Canada) Great prices, excellent service and good delivery times. A pleasure👍
06/05/2017 - Larry Brier (United States) Received My Central unit today. Works Great, Easy Installation. It did have a Very small dent on top of the unit, but does not affect function of the unit. I am VERY happy with the unit. Thanks for the fast shipping, and the quality of the unit.
05/11/2017 - lisa lavictoire (Vermont, USA) The most amazing customer service I have ever experienced!!!!
02/26/2017 - Daniel McDermid (NY, USA) Thanks again for great service. I always highly recommend Allegro Vacuum systems to others versus suppliers selling systems here in the US. Your product is less expensive and of higher quality. Sincerely, Dan McDermid
10/12/2015 - Jon Bathke (United States) I purchased a Wessel-Werk EBK360 with Soft Clean head to try on my new, ultraplush carpet. I have a Beam central vac system but the Beam head would just "stick" to the plush carpet and I almost could not move it at all (I am a 6' tall man in very good physical shape!). The suction on the Beam head was so strong it would not allow the head to glide over the carpet. This new Soft Clean head is just great. It has 5 height settings, and I can adjust the suction with the valve on the hose. The combination works great. And, it cleans extremely well. Thanks Allegro team!
09/11/2015 - Plourde Éric (Canada) Wow service rapide je suis très content de ma nouvelle achat merci :):)
06/15/2015 - Herb Moore (Canada) Hi, Nora was very helpful. When my central vac broke, I needed many parts, then found out how difficult it can be trying to update an old system. If it were not for your help, I probably would have given up and bought a new vacuum off the shelf at Walmart or something. Now I have my good central vac back and better than ever. Thanks so much.
02/23/2015 - Charles Mclees (Liberty, NC) I received the Vacuum Cleaner yesterday in good condition in spite of the weather delays. The vacuum works well and my wife loves it, I love the price. You'll were very helpful and cooperative during the complete process of getting this unit to me (you couldn’t help the holidays and shipping delays). Once again I thank you and look forward to future business with you.
02/02/2015 - Community Veterinary Practice - Jane Cox (Bath, PA, USA) Received everything today. Thank you so much!! This was my first online transaction, you were terrific!
12/24/2014 - Shawn Rudd (Blairsville, GA, USA) Your company has been a pleasure to do business with. Professional, expediant, and friendly. I hope you at Allegro Vacuums have a Very Merry Christmas, God bless you!
09/08/2014 - Andre C. - Auberge Jeunesse a Loulou (Charny, Quebec, Canada) Hello, I have an MU5800 central vacuum unit and I'm really satisfy with it. In fact, I told all my relatives about your company and product, telling them how I was satisfy of the product and the service. Thank you for your good recommendations when time came to buy my central vacuum system.
06/19/2014 - Michael Warren (United States) Wonderful system! Everything included just as advertised. Just the right amount of wire too! The optional muffler is worth the cost also. Our unit is in the garage and it is not real loud but the concrete floor makes it echo. The muffler cuts it down significantly. I highly recommend this kit! Thank you. Mike W.
05/01/2014 - Peter Lyon (Mission, BC, Canada) This is my second Allegro Vacuum-first one was great in our old home. Thank you for a fabulous Canadian! product! Thank you, peter
12/13/2013 - Ed Sebring (United States) I bought the Allegro MU5400 system about 10 Years ago. It has been a great vacuum system. My wife vacuums about 3 times per week. This system has worked perfect for 10 years. I would buy it again.
11/28/2013 - Judy King (Canada) I can definitely recommend Allegro Central Vacuum System. They are a pleasure to deal with. I am very pleased with the products and the service I received. Products arrived in a very timely manner. Special thanks to the help person Nora.
10/25/2013 - Lloyd Colbourne (Canada) I have received and installed my central vacuum system from allegro and just ordered the garage package also. As a home builder i am inpressed with allegro. Having used one of your compeaders, in other homes, I will look forward to using your product in other projects. lots of power. W.L.COLBOURNE
09/23/2013 - Devin R. Meucci (United States) Too good to be true? I had researched central vacuum kits and found Allegro's pricing to be scary low. I proceeded to call their customer service to confirm these were genuine name brand items, as advertised. They were helpful and reassuring, so I pulled the trigger. The shipping was prompt and the contents were accurate. These were genuine items that surpassed my expectations and have made vacuuming a pleasurable experience. Thank you Allegro!
08/24/2013 - gary Cantin (Canada) gary cantin arundel quebec canada just ordered and recieved in 2 days attachment set for my central vacuum system the products seem to be of very good quality and work very well i looked around for several weeks and went to see the local dealers but they made the whole process very confusing then found allegro web site and found exactly what my wife wanted in a few minutes ordered and recieved in 2 days can hardly wait for central unit to go ha ha will definitly order again from allegro thank you gary
06/12/2013 - Brant Kereluik (Canada) Hi, we recently purchased the Wessel-Werk EBK360 Powerhead with Quick-Release Neck and Telescopic Wand from Allegro Central Vacuum Systems. It cleans a whole lot better than our 10 year old Vacuflo Electroglide HP500 Powerhead. The EBK360 Powerhead is more manoeuvrable, it allows you to lower the wand either way. The older wand only swivelled one way for getting under furniture. I am over 6 feet tall and my wife is just over 5 feet tall so having a telescopic wand that I can adjust longer, makes vacuuming a whole lot easier and faster for me. My wife does not vacuum, but if someone short was vacuuming it would adjust for their height too. The cord is also hidden and contained on the telescopic wand. The only drawback is, this powerhead is slightly higher and therefore does not fit under some of our furniture. The other big bonus is this powerhead was half the price than at my local Vacuflo dealer.
06/06/2013 - Mark Holliwell (United States) Allegro is quick professional service. I ordered online & the order was at my door VERY quickly. As well as the rapid delivery is the quality of product. Tried as soon as I received it. It worked as it should. Lastly, the prices are good. As a matter of fact, I just placed another order. Thank You, Mark Holliwell Barrie, Ontario
05/24/2013 - Keith Toner (Alberta, Canada) Thank you very much! You have a great company. Service, communication, product and delivery time-frames are excellent. I have now purchased three power heads, two hoses, one muffler/filter and the pigtail conversion kit since December. Keep this up and you have a lifetime customer. Thanks again, Keith
04/05/2013 - georgy gusev (Russian Federation) Полностью удовлетворен покупкой центрального пылесоса Allegro, агрегат стоит своих денег. Особо хочу отметить то, что продавец идет на встречу пожеланиям клиента и корректирует стоимость и вес в сопроводительных документах к грузу. Что в свою очередь помогло мне избежать излишних таможенных сборов. Так что, будущим покупателям - мои самые лучшие рекомендации! Георгий Гусев, Екатеринбург, Россия
02/26/2013 - David S. Wells (Canada) The parts are fantastic quality, arrived quickly and are much cheaper than anywhere else online. My emails were always answered fully, promptly and quickly. I would recommend this company to anyone and I personally expect to shop here in the future. Thank you very much. Dave
01/02/2013 - Donald E. Tholl (United States) I purchased the EBK 340 powerhead, hose, and attachments for my wife. I selected it after discussing our needs with the people at Allegro. They were very helpful and honest. Previously we had an old Nutone system. This new system is awesome. The powerhead has lots of power and the attachment for smooth floors also works great. The 3 way power switch and the light weight of the hose made my purchase a hit. Thus far the system has truly exceeded our expectations.
11/06/2012 - John Sportel (Canada) very happy with the treatment how fast the zas102 came to us.
07/08/2012 - Elizabeth & Simon Richardson (United Kingdom) We are really pleased with the system we purchased from allegro central vacuum systems.We live in the UK and allegro were able to supply a central vacuum in our voltage, and ship it to the UK. We recomend Allegro for all of your central vacuum system needs!!!
05/31/2012 - Ken & Mary Epp - c/o Herbert Co-op (CANADA) We have come to appreciate the patient assistance given over the phone during set-up, honesty in relating to us and our newest central vac. I guess one of the best testimonials would be that "it really sucks", in a good way.
01/25/2012 - Burlington Humane Society (Canada ) Burlington Humane Society's 2 MUA75 units have been in operation for a couple of months. The staff and volunteers are very pleased with performance of these units. Each system includes 5 floor dustpans and 4 wall outlets. Frequently we have a second inlet opened while the system is in use, this degrades the suction slightly but causes no problems. This is a vast improvement over our old power units. With our original system, opening a second inlet would cause the suction to drop to near zero and often the pan would be left open resulting in the power unit running for extended periods with no one using it. I want to thank you for your guidance in suggesting the correct product for our application. The design of the canister with inlets on both sides was quite helpful in minimizing the relocating of pipe. Installation was quick and easy. In honour of your generosity, a paw print with your company name has been mounted on our wall of honour. Thanks again and all the best in 2012.
11/22/2011 - Tom Wright (Nanaimo, BC, Canada) Thank you for your fast and excellent service, the vacuum arrived safely and with no damage it is now installed in my garage. Installation was a breeze I just had to change the inlet and exhaust pipes a little, it seems to be extremely powerful and quiet, I haven't tried vacuuming anything like my car yet, but so far am very pleased. Thanks Again, Tom Wright.
10/08/2011 - Tim Regan (Burlington, ON, Canada ) Thanks for helping with my purchase. After some piping modifications, I now have the unit installed and it works like a charm. Thanks again, Tim
05/02/2011 - Krystal Ryan (Massachusetts, USA) Hello, I am writing to tell you I received my vacuum attachment set today, delivered on time!!! I have just finished using it for the first time and WOW!!! It is amazing as to how much was being left and not being picked up by my older vacuum. It has incredible suction power and so light weight, but so powerful. From my hardwood flooring to my carpets, everything looks beautiful and only took me minutes, not hours and it is actually clean!! And the first time around, no go overs for things the other vacuum would leave behind. This is of course a system for my own home, but I own a home cleaning business and so wish I could use this vacuum at all of my customers homes!! It would make my job so much easier and the out come looking better longer!! The upright and canister vacuums just do not measure up. I have a few clients who have Miele vacuums and know just how expensive they are, but your vacuum make them looks like your average everyday vacuum. Thank you so much for your customer service also. You are very helpful, friendly, and everything arrived on time. I will be a customer for years to come and will be recommending your company to many!!! Thank you again for a wonderful product.
04/06/2011 - Mike Lessif (Canada) I am pleased with my purchase and the delivery was very fast - one business day after making the purchase. i had a couple of small concerns that were dealt with by the technical department with courtesy,patience and satisfaction (on my part)...(I did not receive the "tool" for hose sock installment that is advertised on the site as a plus and thought i had an issue with a leak in hose. However, I was less then pleased with the first conversation I had on the follow up call with Customer Sales...while the Lady was polite and courteous she was not very helpful...room for improvement here as all other aspects with the Allegro System I purchased, installed and am using are so far positive. I was told the hose cover tool would be shipped next day...hopefully it will arrive tomorrow as it did noy arrive today as suggested. No rush just hoping the service is as good after the initial purchase it was during. Being a Canadian company it is nice to be able to give positive feedback.
03/30/2011 - John Berry (United States) I purchased a powerhead kit for my central vacuum system. Kit #ZAS076-35. Allegro was very helpful in assisting me with the kit that would satisfy my needs and budget. The item was shipped and received as promised. The unit operates better than expected and is a much better quality than my original unit. I am very pleased with this purchase and the customer support before and after the sale has been excellent. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a new vacuum system. John
01/25/2011 - Ahmed Khodeir (Egypt) Thank you for the high quality of your product.
01/20/2011 - YOUNIS A. IBRAHIM (Bahrain) Ordering from Allegro was so easy, my questions and doubts were addressed professionally. The high products sold by Allegro Systems are all backed up by very strong and neat customer service. I would very much recommend their products because when you buy a product, you certainly expect a strong support behind it. Allegro team is very friendly and professional, my order with them was handled fast and receiving the order was quick as well. Thanks Allegro Team!
10/03/2010 - Lior Barak (Israel) J'ai t trs bien servi, une dame pris le temps de m'apeller pour m'aider cibler mon besoin. De plus, j'ai eu un excellent service en franais. La personne a t courtoise, patiente, polie...je n'ai que du positif dire et merci encore
03/17/2010 - Renee Goodbrand (Lamont, Alberta, Canada) Hello Allegro Just wanted to let you know that the vacuum arrived safe and sound today. Had it hooked up and running in 15 minutes. Thank you for prompt and efficient service. Will definately pass your name on.
02/28/2010 - Robert Secker (United States) very good customer service. fast answers to questions i had,
02/13/2010 - Paul Straker (England) item shipped to france in excellent condition. good communication. thanks a lot christophe jacquinot ( Paris )
01/14/2010 - Lawrence Lavkulik (Canada) Thanks to all: Ordered Model MU4400 on Jan 08/10. Six days later I received the unit via UPS. (distance 2000 Miles) The best part is that it took me only 15 minutes to install the replacement Power Unit. This involved 2 screws (bracket) two PVC pipes, two control lead wires and a strip of black tape. A very simple process, very simple. My wife is extremely pleased with the Airflow (575 AW) plus the Suction Power (141.8 SP) A big improvement compared to our older unit. The price was excellent if one compares units. Overall the service was EXCELLENT, would do service with Allegro (Byron) in a heartbeat. Thank to all at Allegro Central Vacuum Systems. Lawrence Lavkulik Lethbridge, Alberta
12/18/2009 - Timothy Lamb (Canada) Thanks....We received our MUA49 central vacuum today, (Purchase Dec. 6th) very pleased with the ease of installation, appearance and the power!
10/19/2009 - Herbert Ono (Canada) I am pleased to confirm that our order arrived last week. I am impressed with both products. Thank you very much for your prompt service and careful packaging. Best regards H.
10/05/2009 - Jaroslav Panek (Czech Republic) Hello, thank you for your perfect service. Our vacuum is working already. Perfect!!! I saw you are looking for a distributor. Do you have some in Czech? I would like to know more informations if is possible some cooperation. I filled your on-line form already. With best wishes. Jaroslav Panek, CZ
08/30/2009 - David Nash (Canada) I actually purchased a replacment hose from my local vacuum dealer. He charged me $256 with tax in. I wasn't sure about my wand connections so I sent Allegro some photos and they felt their hose would fit fine. The hose I ordered arrive within 5 days and fit perfectly. My wife fells the suction is stronger as well, perhaps we had some leaks in our old hose beside the broken handle. I believe we saved over $75 by buying it over the net with Allegro. Highly recommend this company to all.
08/20/2009 - Diana Smith (Canada) Dear Byron: Thank you for your help with our order. We were impressed how quickly the order was processed and delivered. The central vacuum unit appears well made and works very well. I am also pleased with the hardwood floor kit. It was a pleasure dealing with you. Diana Smith
07/15/2009 - Joe Biello (Brampton, ON, Canada) I got the vacuum in a quick 2 business days after ordering and I am very satisfied with the purchase. I've gone through 4 homes and three central vacs making the Allegro my fourth. I have to say this is the best central vacuum for I've ever owned, especially considering the low price versus the competitors. The power of the 4400 series vacuum is the best suction I've had and the paint finish as well as the overall quality feel is superb. The attachment/hose kit purchased was also functional and of great quality. Customer service is also excellent as the rep was in touch with me throughout the purchasing process. Overall, unbeatable value and will definitely buy an Allegro vaccum again. Joe BielloBrampton, On
05/17/2009 - Uncer Wayne (Canada) The first time my wife used it she was amazed at the power it had, Seems to be a great unit for the cost.
04/18/2009 - Serge Kolegaev (Canada) I'm very satisfied with your service. Iverything's done properly and in time. But just one moving in order to be absolutely perfect left. Make your payment metods more simple, just by pushing some button on the website. Most companies do it already. Sincerely. Thanks a lot.
08/22/2008 - Margaret Stordy (Canada) Wow! I just can't believe the deal I feel I got. Compared to looking in the stores I saved alot of $$$. I got very fast results on my order and received it earlier than I would had anticipated. thank you. I will be referring you to at least two people that are looking for the same item I ordered.
07/03/2008 - Paul Appleby (United States) The people I had the pleasure to deal with during the purchase of my new central vacuum system have been very pleasant and courteous. I will definitely recommend your company to others.
02/08/2008 - Wayne Jehle (Canada) Hi, I just wanted to thank you for the extremely fast and friendly service, not to mention excellent prices! Sincerely, Wayne Jehle
01/06/2008 - D. Brown (Canada) Allegro Central Vacuum: I just wanted to send a note about my Allegro Central Vacuum System. It has been almost 2 years since I purchased and self-installed the system and it is working very nicely. We have had no problems and my family has enjoyed the convenience of the central vacuum system and the automatic dustpan for the kitchen floor in particular. When purchasing from Allegro I was happy to see so many satisfied testimonials, but concerned that they were all only written just after purchase and none had comments after several months or years of service. I'm happy to report that the product has provided two years of reliable service in a house with cats and small children and we're looking forward to many more years to come. Thanks again for the great product. It's a great addition to our home. You are welcome to use this message in your testimonials section of you wish. Sincerely, D. Brown Canada
11/27/2007 - Paul Deon (Canada) The entire experience with Allegro has been second to none. From purchase to pickup to installation, it all went seamlessly and the vacuum is working like a charm. Thanks Paul D'Eon
11/02/2007 - Charlotte Martin (Canada) Very quick service, I put your info away incase we require parts Very professional Thanks again Charlotte
06/24/2007 - JoAnne Hudock (United States) Although I haven't yet given this vacuum a full workout, so far I am very pleased with my purchase. (We are completely remodeling a pre-civil war built house and it's taking us longer than we planned.) Superior construction to my previous M & S central vac in my current home and a much better value overall- even if I take into consideration the cost of shipping to USA.Communication was excellent from the company reps. I highly recommend this system. JoAnne H. ( Ohio)
02/27/2007 - Bruce MacDonald (Canada) Great price and extremely quick shipping. Lot's of communication. Super Deluxe Power head and Accessory kit arrived, good quality and works great. Exactly as ordered.
01/07/2007 - Stuart Sachs, Landscape Architect (USA) After reading about central vacs and how many manufacturer's make what, I bought one of your systems last year and have been more than satisfied with it; I've been telling a lot of people about how well your equipment works. It only took a few hours work to line the holes and connect the pipes, and beside saving me well over a thousand dollars (actually $1600 from a local company brand name on another manufacturer's system -- to $2150 for a NuTone. We got 5 bids on systems to be installed by local tradesmen.) it also gave me a great deal ride in knowing that I can install a modern piece of technology in our new home. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU
11/15/2006 - NIKOLAY ZAGINEY (United States) Shipping was fast, service was great, item is terrific. Thank you Hourik for helping me out! Thanks for the great sale and experience
07/21/2006 - Corin Woods (United States) Dear Folks at Allegro, I couldn't be HAPPIER!!!My system is back, after having to leave my system in our old house, it's good to have a new one in this one.Thank-you for all the help with everything,I talk about this vac system all the time. I'm actually happy to vacuum! Sincerly Corin Woods
06/28/2006 - Robert Balbirnie (Canada) Great product, great prices and great service! What more could you ask? Well done Allegro, I will be back when the time comes to purchase additional vacuum supplies or products.
03/01/2006 - Ernest Parenuik (Canada) I've just installed my MUA49 to replace an "Airstream" which 'died' after 18 years. I am more than satisfied after preliminary testing after modifying the inlet pipes. My only suggestion would be that Allegro provide a suitable connector for the low voltage system for the main CVS. In time I will likely purchase your power head arrangement. Thanks very much for a great product.
09/16/2005 - Sandra Eshelman (USA) I received the shipment on Sept 16 - Dawne in Customer Service was extremely knowledgable and very helpful and the prompt was greatly appreciated. Thanks we will not be installing the unit until our home is built in Oct. but everything so far is great. Thanks.
08/08/2005 - Platinum Bay Custom Homes (Canada) Byron,Thanks again for the great deal and superb service. From order to delivery; less than 24 hours. Count on all our future orders.Regards, Ron
05/29/2005 - Anthony Cereghino (USA) My overall experience with Allegro was nothing less than outstanding. From the innitial call to the delivery of my products. I am very pleased with the quality of my new Wessell Werks power head. Just as you promised, the engineering and build are excellent. I would not hesitate to buy products or refer others to your Company. Thanks for your help.Sincerely, The Cereghino Family,Phoenix AZ.
03/01/2005 - Michael Cronic (United States) I have received my Allegro Central Vacuum System and installed it. I could not be more happy with your product or your level of personal service. In the beginning I was skeptical about your product because of the price. The Allegro central system is priced less than half the price of a comparable Beam system. Upon receiving my order, I was suprised at the level of quality in the product and German engineering in the power head. I works surpurb. You provided me personal service with my order, taking the time to custom configure my order and send PayPal e-mails for payment. Thank You.
01/08/2005 - Victoria Bush (United States) The customer service was great! The staff at Allegro were very knowledgable of their product, made helpful suggestions and patiently answered all of my questions. I look forward to receiving and installing my central vacuum.
11/09/2004 - John Shih (United States) Byron was exceptional in his patience and service. The value of the equipment is also exceptional. Response was very quick.Thank you so much.
09/27/2004 - Jeff Mcdonald (USA) Allegro,I would like to thank you for your prompt shipment of my central vacuum. I am very pleased with the unit. If I need any additional accessories I will be sure th get them from you.Jeff McDonald, Spring Hill, KS
03/12/2004 - Mario Fleurant (Canada) Less than a week after placing an order, we have recieved, installed and are using our Allegro central vacuum cleaner. We feel that we have done the right thing selecting your product and we want you to know about it. We will recommend doing business with you, if asked.Thank you.Mario M. Fleurant

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