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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Built-in Vacuum Systems be installed in existing homes?
  • Can Built-in Vacuums be installed by yourself?
  • Does the power unit have to be vented outside?
  • How many inlets are required in the average home?
  • Why is it not practical to put Wall Inlet Valves in every room?
  • Will Allegro hoses work with other brands?
  • Is 2" O.D. tubing standard in Central Vacuum Cleaners?
  • Is the piping the plumber carries the same?
  • Will our system work in a home with existing 2" PVC?
  • How much tubing do you need? How do you figure out what is needed?
  • Is there any loss of suction or air-flow with the amount of tubing installed?
  • What is the difference between electrified and non-electrified hoses?
  • What about installing the vacuum cleaner unit in a closet?
  • Where is the most common place to install the vacuum power unit?
  • What actually activates the unit?
  • Do I need an electrician to connect my vacuum to a special circuit?
  • What if my children touch the contacts inside the Wall Inlet Valve?
  • What if I decide to move?
  • Can you pick up water with this system?
  • How much space is needed below the mounted unit to empty it. In other words, what it the min height above the floor it can be mounted?
  • Some units made for RVs are sold with a "stretch hose" that is only about 7 feet but stretches to 30feet. That's a big advantage. Do you offer something like that?
  • Is the RV unit a central vacuum system? Would you have a port in different part of the RV to plug into, or do you plug directly into the vacuum unit?
  • Does the RV unit run on 24 - 36v dc or ~110 - 120v ac?

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