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PRODUCT / Central Vacuum Cleaning Accessories / Turbo Powerheads / ZAS031


Central Vacuum Air Turbine Turbocat Powerhead Nozzle

Superior Design

With a wide range of performance-enhancing features, the Turbocat TM is built for quiet, powerful, long-lasting operation.






Exclusive DeepSweep TM Agitator

The DeepSweep Agitator brings embedded dirt to the surface so it can be vacuumed away.  A row of long crimped bristles separates carpet fibers for deep, thorough vacuuming.

Non-slip Cogged Drive Belt

Turbine power is relayed to the high velocity DeepSweep Agitator by a specially designed cogged drive belt.  The belt reduces slippage for more consistent performance, and outlives the conventional flat belts used on many power-heads.

Double-Edge Cleaning

The Turbocat's exclusive T-Shaped Design allows for easy maneuvering around furniture and true edge cleaning even against baseboards.  The wide 13" vacuum path provides superior cleaning performance.

Design Enhancements

 * Large wheels with Permanent Steel wheel Shaft for longer, smoother performance. The shaft is moulded into the wheel for greater stability.

 * Self-Lubricating Wheel Shaft Bushings ensures smooth wheel operation and maneuvering.

 * Run-Silent Bearing Isolators encase the turbine bearings for quiet performance. A top and bottom bearing isolator hold the turbine firmly in place while reducing vibration.

 * Sound-Absorbing Isolation Padding has added to both the top and bottom of the weights to reduce vibration and noise, providing a better fit



Download the Instruction Manual for TurboCat Turbine Powerhead 7160, 7161, T210 


The Turbocat is a powerful, air driven turbine powerhead that harnesses the airflow of a central vacuum system for deep, thorough cleaning. It's lightweight and easy to maneuver, with a low-profile body and high impact bumper guards that make it perfect for cleaning under furniture. It requires no separate power cords, batteries or additional electricity.


How to remove and replace Turbocat Brush Roller

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Technical characteristics

Main parametersModel - ZAS031
Powerhead Operating Voltagenon-electric
Powerhead Cleaning Width12 in (30.4 cm)
ColourLight Grey

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