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PRODUCT / Central Vacuum Attachments / Electric / ZAS054-35


Central Vacuum Basic Electric Powerhead 35 Foot Hose Attachment Set












Our Popular Electric Power Brush

At 5,000 r.p.m the beater bar provides optimal cleaning performance 

Floating - automaticlly adjusts to carpet height

Easy to reach under the beds and furniture with a low profile and swivel neck configuration. 

90 Degree swivel neck

Four soft wheels for ease of maneuverability

Positive Drive Gear Belt 

Durable Stainless Steel Brush Roll




Hose Length:  35 Foot (11 meter)

Hose Configuration: 8 Foot supply cord "Pigtail" with standard ~110 two-prong electrical plug

Single voltage ( ~110v ) crush-proof, light-weight Electric hose

The suction/vacuum will start when the hose is plugged in and to stop the suction, you unplug the hose.   

    360 degree full swivel handle for tangle-free operation 



Set of 19 inch Chromed Steel Wands with Button-Lock locking mechanism.



* 10 inch Floor Tool with non-scratch horsehair bristles

* Upholstery Nozzle with slide-on natural horsehair brush (nozzle could be used with or without the brush)

* Dusting Brush with removable and washable non-scratch natural horsehair bristles

* 9 inch standard crevice tool 

* Metal  Hose-rack  

This package include:

  • At 5,500 r.p.m. the METAL beater bar provides optimal cleaning performance. 
  • State of the art headlight system 
  • It is an automatic height adjust with four soft wheels for exceptional maneuverability. 
  • Easy to reach under the beds, or furniture with a low profile and swivel neck configuration. 
  • It comes with foot on/off pedal switch
  • Pigtail style power cord that stretches from 34 to 43 inches
  • 35 foot light-weight crush proof electric hose with 8 foot Pigtail (supply cord) and button-lock handle
  • The Power Unit (suction) will turn on instantly when the hose is plugged in and it will turn off when the hose is removed from Wall Inlet Vlave.
  • Set of button-lock chromed steel wands
  • Epoxy Coated metal Hose-rack
  • Top quality 10 inch Floor Tool with soft natural horesehair bristles
  • Natural bristle horsehair dusting brush
  • Upholstery Nozzle with Side-on-brush also with natural horsehair bristles (you can use the nozzle with or without the brush)
  • Crevice Tool

189.99 USD
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Technical characteristics

Main parametersModel - ZAS054-35
Hose Length35 Foot (10.7 m)
Hose FeaturesBasic
Hose ConfigurationPigtail

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