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PRODUCT / Central Vacuum Cleaning Accessories / Cleaning Tools / ZAS011


Central Vacuum Deluxe Large Hardwood Floor Nozzle

Unique maneuverability – enhances ease of use
The patented universal joint allows +180° swivel and +90° pivot movement.
Hard-to-clean areas are easily accessed due to the nozzle’s compact size & fully articulating neck.
Never before has a hardwood and ceramic floor been cleaned so easily.

Very low profile – extended cleaning width
Easily fits under furniture. Nozzle allows suction of previously inaccessible areas. The 13 inch (330 mm) cleaning path also allows supper efficient cleaning of large surface areas.

Optimal Brush Design
Allows for superb pick-up of fine and coarse debris without loss of performance.
Excellent edge-cleaning capabilities.
Gentle and effective on delicate wood and stone floors. None-scratch natural horsehair bristles.
Easy to Maintain
Simply vacuum the natural bristles with the hose handle after each cleaning before storing away.
This nozzle is fully waterproof so it can be washed thoroughly with warm water and soap.

49.99 USD
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Technical characteristics

Main parametersModel - ZAS011
ColourLight Grey

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