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PRODUCTO / Unidades de Poder para Aspiración Central Allegro / MU6100


Allegro Aspirateur Central Vacuum Summit Power Unit - Model MU6100

A super-powerful unit primarily for industrial and commercial application, or very large homes up to 12,000 sq. ft. (1200 m2).


Motor:  3-Stage, 7.2" single speed all metal construction bypass with double ball bearings, 10 mm shaft and bearing system for extra structural rigidity.
Most powerful blower motor in the market for Central Vacuum application.

Air-Watts:   650     

Air-Flow:   120.2 CFM    

Suction Power:    141.4  Water Lift

Max. Amps:  15.8  

Volts:   ~ 110- 120 v

Power:    1800 Watts


   Allegro airwatts


32 litre (8 US gal.) dirt pail - 14" diameter X 43 " height.    All steel construction (40 lb).

Filtration Technology:

Self-cleaning no maintenance patented Micro-Fibre Filtration Systems. This permanent filtration system never needs to be replaced, or washed, and there are no expensive filter replacement costs.


Primer and Environmentally friendly Electrostatic Powder Coat. Guaranteed for life against corrosion perforation.


The unit is fully ventable to the outside. Up to 12 foot exhaust line with standard 2" PVC Central Vacuum Pipe.


Click here for Technical Bulletin

Visit our Frequently Asked Question section for more information Q & A.


Made in Canada       Fabriqué au Canada

500.00 USD
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