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User's Manuals / Central Vacuum Air Turbine Turbocat Powerhead Nozzle



Routine Care & Maintenance

Image title

TURBINE POWERHEAD FOR P/N 7160, 7161 and 7210

These Turbine Powerheads have been carefully designed and manufactured for long life, reliable performance and convenient cleaning. They are designed to do most of the cleaning work for you. They move easily and do not require downward pressure for thorough cleaning. As with any tool with moving parts, caution must be exercised while using these Turbine Powerheads. Please read and save these Operating Instructions.


1. Keep hair, hands, and feet away from rotating brush while the Turbine Powerhead is running.  3. Do not attempt to service or unclog Turbine Powerhead while unit is running. 
2. Remember that Turbine Powerhead operates whenever they are connected to a running vacuum. If children are present, make sure to turn vacuum system off when leaving Powerhead unit unattended.  4. Avoid picking up water or spilled liquid with your Turbine Powerhead. The vacuum system is designed for dry pick up only. 

Instruction for this Turbine Powerhead


To attach your metal wands, simply twist into Powerhead neck elbow until it fits snugly. The built-in, locking mechanism will prevent the wand from coming loose from your Powerhead while in use. To detach wand, depress wand release tab on the back of neck with foot or hand and twist wand free.

IMPORTANT:  Do not insert button-lock lower wand with the Turbine Powerhead neck. It will get jammed and you will not be able to take it apart.

The wand can be locked in an upright position by pushing it forward until the lock is engaged. This lock position is convenient for storage and lifting the Powerhead. To release wand from the vertical locked position, gently place foot on Powerhead, grasp wand and pull back firmly.

Allegro Central Vacuum TurboCat Manual



Your Turbine Powerhead has no ON/OFF switch. Whenever it is attached to an operating vacuum system, it will be running.  No adjustments to the powerhead are necessary for different types of carpeting.

To ensure maximum efficiency of the Turbine Powerhead, make sure that any filters, bags and cleaning hoses in your vacuum system are clean and free of blockage.



Threads, string, carpet fiber, fuzz and hair occasionally become wound around the brush assembly.   These should be routinely removed to keep the brush assembly clean and to maintain efficiency.

1. Disconnect the Powerhead from the hose and wands. Be sure parts have stopped spinning before working on the turbine powerhead. 
2. Turn the powerhead over. 
3. Strings and other entangled items can be removed by unwinding them by hand or carefully cutting with scissors. 
Cleaning Turbocat Brush Assembly




       If the turbine nozzle becomes obstructed:


Allegro TruboCat Service Manual



1. Turn off the vacuum system and disconnect the powerhead from the wand. 
2. Turn the powerhead over and remove the clear belt cover, by first rotating the two latches counterclockwise until they align with the openings in the belt cover. Lift the belt cover out from under the base plate. 
3. Remove debris from the intake and turbine. Rotate the brush roller to ensure system is clear. Make sure the orange seal on belt cover and mating surfaces are free from dirt particles before reassembling.  Check belt condition and position on sprocket and on brush roller. 
4. Reassemble the belt cover onto the unit: insert the front belt cover under the base edge and press belt cover onto housing. Rotate the two latches clockwise until they lock in place. 


IMPORTANT:  Check that a proper seal is made. Unit performance is dependent on a proper seal.



The Replacement Belt must be installed correctly to ensure optimum performance. The turbine belt twists 90° to the right.

How to change Turbocat Belt
Image title


•   Belt should twist 90° to right - see illustration on housing


•   Shaft Support is 1/32" off center

•   When installing new belt - Arrow on both shaft support must point to rear wheels.

•   Left & Right positions are marked on the shaft support and in the housing.


•   Upper and Lower Shrouds

•   Prevents belt contamination

•   Designed to fit around sprocket & protect the drive belt


1. Follow instructions 1 & 2 under cleaning the intake nozzle [D]
2. Remove the three (3) screws holding the metal base plate, pull the base plate off, and remove the lower belt shroud. Pull the bumper up. 
3. Removing the brush roller and shaft supports (It is important to reinsert the shaft supports in the correct direction). There is an arrow on each shaft support that points to the back of the housing when inserted correctly. To easily identify the correct position for reinsertion, mark the top of the shaft supports with a permanent market or nail polish. Pull the brush roller out (the shaft supports will come with it). 
4. Slide the belt off the turbine sprocket and off the brush roller. 
5. Optional:  Remove the needle bearing and clear any dust, hair or debris from the needle bearing cavity. To reinsert needle bearing. 
TurboCat Needle Bearing
 The needle bearing seats at an angle. The flat side of the washer goes to the rear. The flat side of the idler shaft goes to the front.  Be sure the needle bearing is reinserted as shown to ensure proper operation. 
6. Place new belt on turbine sprocket and slide over brush roller. Be sure belt is properly twisted to the right. 
7. Place brush roller shaft support back into housing. Push bumper back onto housing. 
8. Place metal base plate onto housing and reinsert three Phillips head screws. 

 Limited Warranty 

Allegro Central Vacuum Systems Inc. warrants that the Turbine Powerhead, when used for household purposes, pursuant to Seller's instructions, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of, three (3) years from the date of the initial consumer purchase. Allegro Central Vacuum Systems Inc. warrants that the Turbine Powerhead, when used in a commercial application pursuant to Seller's instructions, will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of the initial consumer purchase. This warrant is limited to the replacement of defective parts and any costs of shipping shall be incurred by the purchaser. THIS WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND IS IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AND ALLEGRO CENTRAL VACUUM SYSTEMS, INC. SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS RESPONSIBILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES, AND LIMITS THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY TO THE PERIOD OF EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS EXPRESS WARRANTY.  

Replacement Parts 



Central Vacuum Turbocat Parts Diagram
Item Part Description  Turbocat Part No. 
 1Lower Housing 7211-01 
 2Wheel (2) 7212-01 
 3SA Turbine 7213 
 4Belt Cover 7214 
 5Base Plate 7215 
 6Compression Spring 5958 
 7Washer 5974 
 8Washer, Elbow Seal 5971 
 9Elbow 7216-02 
 10Spring, Wand 5966 
 11Retainer/Cap 7217-02 
 12Spring, Latch 7218 
 13SA Tophousing 7221 
 14Bumper 7222-02 
 15Seal (Large) 7223 
 16Seal (Small) 7224 
 17 SA Brush Deepsweep 7832 
 18T Latch (2) 7226 
 19Belt 7227 
 20Screw (Base / Lower Housing) (12) 7228 
 21O-Ring 7229 
 23Screw, T Latch (2) 7230 
 24D-Washer 7231 
 25Bearing Needle 7234 
 26Idler Shaft 7233 
 27 Sleeve, Flange (2)7232 
 28 SA Shaft Support7235
 29RT Shaft Support 7236
 30 Rubber Plug7237 
 31Ballast WT (2) 7238 
 32 Foam Pad (2)7239 
 33 Caution Label 7240
 34 Shroud, Belt, Upper 7331
 35 Shroud, Belt, Lower 7332

 Not Shown 

 Wheel Washer (2) 7818

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